Tom Acrofear (Tomasz Medyński) is a music composer and programmer born in Gdansk, Poland. Tom has been always obsessed with creative and technical activities. As a kid being interested in writing music and playing with video game engines, he spent his childhood in that way without any regrets. His curiosity for researching new technologies has remained until the present day, happily being a day-to-day enthusiast of continous broadening of knowledge.

Tom has graduated from Collegium Gedanense at Film & Acting class, with additional apprenticeship at Gdynia Film School. During the education, he started doing his first work for Media & Video Games. Tom always tries to take the story to the next level by writing emotional scores with his dedication and extensive experience based on working with various projects.



Frozenheim is a serene Norse city builder with elaborate management gameplay and RTS tactical combat. Lead your Viking clan through hardships of the frozen north, season by season, year after year. Build and survive. Set sail, explore and conquer. Win Odin’s favor and secure your place in Valhalla!


Magin is a combination of a narrative-driven adventure RPG with a deck-building card game. The nonlinear plot, comic book esthetics, full voiceover and game mechanics are all tightly attached to the represented world in a unique fantasy setting.

I really like the way Tom pays attention to the details, when it comes to composing score. He has excellent knowledge about providing the story in a musical context. His work ethic & talent to create incredible cues with combining unusual elements, makes him really promising composer in the entire industry.
Łukasz Kielczyk
SEGA Europe Ltd
Working with Tom is always a pleasure. He gets my intentions and 'reads' the design from the get go. His compositions and themes are always enriching the productions he gets to work on. The ability to capture the mood of a visual and compose a complementary soundtrack for one, is what I appreciate the most about him.
Michał Pietralik
Atomic Wolf Games
Tom is one of the extraordinary talented & creative young composer I know. We keep in touch and send each other new track ideas and sketches, and his work impresses me as usual. He often keeps his attention in combining well-written melody lines with a little sound-design elements, which makes him unique in a way of writting video-game scores.
Łukasz Żurkowski
Męskie Granie
We extremely love working with passionated personalities in our company - have been working together for several years and I am very pleased with our cooperation. He can easily discuss the details of production and deliver for what we need. Tom's professional attitude goes hand in hand with fun personality - really great to work with him.
Jakub Waletko

” I usually try to add small unique elements to every project I work on. Providing additional value is the best thing I would expect from being a creator. “

Tom Acrofear


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